Bienvenida de la Decana

Doyenne´s Welcome


Welcome to the institutional web of the Faculty of Nursery.


In the name of the Faculty of Nursery and in my own, I welcome you to our center´s website.


Through this site, we want to offer you the chance the know our center, the services and resources that it offers, the studies we teach and the people involved in its correct working.


We were born in 1991 as a delegation in Algeciras for the Nursery University School and Physiotherapy of the University of Cadiz, to teach the title of Diploma in Nursery. In 2004 we became the Nursery University School of Universidad of Cadiz.


When the 2009-2010 academic course began, we started teaching the new title of Degree of Nursery. With this new degree, we didn´t only change our name from University School to Faculty. Nursing also reached the academic level that it really deserved, becoming equal with the rest of degrees and allowing the maximum academic and professional development. Such title was accredited by the Andalusian Agency of Knowledge on July 19th, 2016.


If I had to highlight any aspects of our center, that would be the compromiso of its workers for the quality of the services and the innovation of teaching. We also have the facilities and media to provide the proper fuctions of teaching and learning.


Our teachers make use of the “Virtual Classroom” in most of our subjects, we have a room for Advanced Clinical Simulation to support the clinical learning of our students.


Our Faculty has been and still is a Pioneer in different challenges proposed by the University, most of them as a need to adapt to the European Space Of Superior Learning.


Within the title of Grade in Nursery, it is of a great importance the practice-clinical training, for which we count with the participation, through a colaboration agreement, of all the centers of the Sanitary Management Area of the Campo de Gibraltar. Not only we have all the facilities, we also have their professionals as clinical tutors for our students, who allow and provide a quality practice-clinical traning. This training is completed with other Health Centers of the Algeciras Bay which the ones we share colaboration agreements.


To support the students’ mobility, the Faculty has Mobility Agreements with national and international Universities, which allow them to perform a part of their studies in other Universities and at the same time we welcome students from other Universities to complete their studies in our Faculty.


Finally, I want to say that we hope that this website will be a useful tool for everyone to get information and to communicate. We would be glad to receive suggestions and ideas to reach that goal.




Mª Carmen Paublete Herrera